Why Relocation of Employees Requires more Than Just a Plane Tickets: The Role Of A Housing Service

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Both the employer and employee can find relocating employees to be a difficult task that requires a great deal of preparation, coordination, and planning. Finding a home for an employee is one of the biggest emotional challenges. There are many factors to consider when searching for housing. From saturated housing market to different regulations in each region and the expectations of what is “suitable”, there’s much to take into consideration. Working with a service that helps you find housing can help reduce stress.

What is a housing service?

Housing services can help you find and secure accommodation, as well as helping your employees to set expectations, navigate local housing markets, save money and time, and avoid scams.

Set expectations

There can be huge differences in what’s normal for one housing market compared to another. In many parts in Germany, rental units often include unfurnished or unfinished kitchens, without cabinets, counters, or appliances. In New York City, many apartments have shared toilets in the hallway, and in Ireland, many rentals are fully furnished. Housing services can help you set realistic expectations for the housing market and pricing.

Local markets: how to navigate them

It can be difficult for newcomers to navigate the laws and regulations of different countries regarding renting and leasing. Housing services can help your employee find accommodation within their budget and that meets their needs. Housing services can help employees understand local laws and regulations regarding rental, including the rental deposit and rental contract. Housing services can help with administrative tasks, such as opening bank accounts and setting up utilities.

Information on Neighborhoods

Many relocating employees do not have the time to spend a lot time in an area. Housing services are able to explain the differences between each neighborhood and provide information on schools, transportation, and amenities.

Avoid scams

Housing scams exist, even though it is not something that anyone wants to consider, particularly for those who are looking from a distance. Before recommending a property or landlord to an employee, a reputable housing service will do thorough background checks. The employee is less likely to fall victim to scams and rent unsafe properties. The housing service will also help the employee to understand the safety and safety situation at the new location. This includes crime rates, security measures, and other safety information.

Best Practices

Housing services can be a great partner to have during a relocation. However, they are unable to do two things: either find something that does not exist or guarantee your employee’s satisfaction in locating the right housing within a short time frame. It’s crucial to set expectations and provide both temporary and permanent support. Set expectations to ensure that your employee enters the housing process in the right mindset. This includes pricing, timing, and amenities. Offering temporary and permanent options for housing allows greater flexibility in saturated markets.

Localyze is your housing partner

Localyze’s partnership network is a powerful tool to help your employees feel confident every step of their journey. Localyze, along with our partners, will find the right options for your employees, whether they are in an urban or rural area, when you include settling-in support services such as housing assistance to your relocation package.

The Bottom Line

The goal of relocating an employee is to make the transition as smooth as possible. However, finding the right accommodation can be a stressful and time-consuming process. You can ease some of the difficulties for your employees by providing a housing service that helps them to set their expectations, navigate local markets, and avoid scams. When employees feel well supported and cared for during the relocation process they are more inclined to stay with your company long-term.

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