The world’s smallest AI wearable device, sales exceeded 20,000 in five days. Is it just another AI Pin?

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This is the LARK MIX button microphone launched by Mammoth in October last year. It weighs 9 grams and has a sampling rate of 48kHz 24Bit.

This is the wearable pendant AI device “Limitless” recently launched by LimitlessAI, which is claimed to be the world’s smallest AI wearable device.

Although they are both products built around “sound”, these two devices, which look similar in appearance and size, represent different fields and eras:

The former not only takes into account the sound pickup effect, but also brings the size and weight of traditional MOMA equipment to a new level, making it an excellent partner for outdoor shooting.

The latter has built-in LLM, which can record the conversation between the owner and others around the clock, and has a memory summary function. The impact on our lives: unknown.

Less than five days after its release, the founder of LimitlessAI announced that the sales of this AI pendant exceeded 20,000 units, with most of the users coming from China and the United States.

After Ai Pin encountered a large number of negative reviews, we can’t help but wonder, isn’t this small AI hardware just another tasteless attempt?

Real-time typist, the kind with AI added

To put it bluntly, Limitless is a simple version of Ai Pin.

It doesn’t have the Ai Pin’s laser ink screen, it doesn’t have a lens for video and photo taking, and it doesn’t have a replaceable battery clip. The only remaining function is recording.

However, unlike traditional recording devices in the past, it has a built-in large model called Limitless, which has many more functions: you can let it access online apps through inquiries and conversations, such as those on Mac and Windows, which is equivalent to using many applications with “freeware”. “Picture” is integrated into this wearable little thing.

From the official announcement of LimitlessAI founder Dan Siroker, we can learn that the original intention of Limitless was:

Artificial intelligence augments human intelligence, not replaces it.

Limitless has the ability to record in real time, so it counts as a voice memo, overcoming the brain’s limitations in memory and attention.

The limitation here does not mean that the development of human brain capacity has reached the edge, but that through wearable AI, we can help us back up what we see and hear in life at most in case of emergency.

For example, you are in a meeting, but the next four work activities will always distract you. The existence of Limitless allows you to devote 100% to the current work and focus on one thing at a time. The following details and processes that are afraid of being forgotten, Limitless is ready to be used as your personal assistant.

Moreover, your speech at this time will also be recorded by Limitless in real time and a summary will be generated.

The above are the three core functions of Limitless: “Transcript”, “Notes” and “Summary”.

The three correspond to the literal translation of the text, bold emphasis and summary of key points respectively.

Transcript transcription is no longer a new topic in the past year with the explosion of large AI models, and has even become a “required course” for AI equipment.

Limitless’s transcription speed and accuracy in the demonstration were not bad, and it can be said to have reached the “AI per capita level.”

But the note summarizing functions of Notes and Summary can truly test the skills of AI.

The first is whether the summary key points are accurate, the second is whether the elements of the full text are complete, and the third is whether the logic of the points is smooth.

Dan Siroker posted the end of the video online, demonstrating Limitless’s ability to summarize, and the content is this nearly ten-minute video.

Limitless accurately divided the video into action items, key updates, priorities, and current challenges, which were highlighted during the online launch.

In addition, Limitless can also list some detailed and focused content separately. For example, the summary clearly mentions that the design concept of the product is to enhance human intelligence rather than replace it.

Although it is unclear whether Limitless will bring convenience to our lives in the future, it seems that there will be fewer and fewer cases where I cannot understand the lesson just by picking up a pen in math class.

However, it is still difficult to tell the summary ability of Limitless from the quickly passing video, so this is a feature that needs to be focused on in the subsequent official release evaluation.

smart minimalism

The core functions of Limitless can now be experienced on the official website

In addition to the high degree of integration on the software side, Limitless’s hardware form is also a highlight: it is extremely simple.

The U-shaped clip structure allows Limitless to be hung as a pendant around the neck, or directly fixed on clothes with magnetic suction.

Dan Siroker calls Limitless the most wearable AI (hardware) in the world.

First of all, its size is only 31.9mm wide and 16mm thin, which is smaller than the first generation AirPods (44.3mm x 21.3mm x 53.5mm).

In such a beautiful size, Limitless puts a battery with a battery life of up to 100 hours (battery capacity is not mentioned), thus greatly reducing battery life anxiety.

This is very different from the Ai Pin that was launched two days ago. In the evaluation feedback of the first batch of users who got the Ai Pin, battery life is a pain point mentioned by many people. Even if there is a replaceable battery pack, the total The combined battery life of less than 8 hours of light use still cannot meet the needs of most people.

Secondly, Limitless without a screen actually retains most of the electronic device components. For example, it supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. Limitless can be used alone even without a mobile phone.

In addition, Limitless retains two physical buttons to enable the “conversation” and “recording” functions.

The recording button is located on the side of the fuselage. After turning on the recording function, the indicator light will light up to remind yourself and others that “the device is recording”, similar to the trust indicator light on the Ai Pin.

The dialogue button is integrated into the front of the fuselage. Once pressed, you can start asking questions about Limitless.

The arc directly above the main body of the fuselage is a row of microphone pickup ports. Dan Siroker did not give any parameters about the microphone in the video, but only described the recording effect of Limitless in a very scene-like manner:

Ensures crystal clear audio quality even in crowded cafes.

When introducing Limitless, “personalization” is a word that is mentioned repeatedly.

On the one hand, Limitless is functionally personalized. The device can give you action suggestions based on what you are about to do and based on your previous background and experience.

Dan Siroker demonstrated this feature himself.

Based on the prompts of “recording a statement video” and combined with Dan Siroker’s past experiences and habits, Limitless made the following feedback:

– Have extended communication with the camera

-Blink occasionally

-Don’t speak too fast

-Continue to keep your personal touch, but avoid bad puns and silly accents

On the other hand, Limitless’ product colors are also full of personalization:

Needless to say, yet so familiar.

What is the use? It is a controversy that the industry needs to face

Privacy protection is a major problem for AI devices to enter the market.

They need more data to become smarter, but collection without cutoffs and constraints will only make it more difficult for these emerging things to enter our lives.

Limitless provides triple protection for this.

The first level is the above-mentioned “Every recording must turn on the light.”

The second level is the “consent option”: the third party’s speech will not be recorded in any form without the other person’s permission.

Unless you get a clear answer such as “can record”, you will use this as a starting point to add an additional recording window for the speaker.

The third level is “privacy cloud”. Traditional apps tend to go to two extremes when it comes to balancing privacy and functionality.

Traditional cloud services, such as Slack and G-Mail, can provide users with many cloud conveniences, such as receiving real-time suggestions, wireless storage space and the best AI model updates. However, open services ignore users, software service providers and the public. Unit privacy protection.

The privacy cloud launched by Limitless can balance the relationship between the two. Under the premise of ensuring cloud services, all viewing and disclosure of personal information is left locally. Only after personal authentication can private data be browsed.

Dan Siroker has a very clear idea of ​​​​Limitless privacy protection, and his future planned development is also very clear.

In addition to these features that can already be experienced, Limitless will also be adding many major updates in the near future.

Compared with Ai Pin, Limitless’s positioning is very accurate, which is why I am more optimistic about the latter. It does not want everything, but grasps a point of “sound” and makes it deep and detailed.

Moreover, Limitless does not exclude the existence of mobile phones, and is even planning to provide native applications for iPhone and Android.

After CES this year, AI gadgets began to emerge. At the intersection where mobile phones are still the absolute main device in people’s lives and the market is still exploring the best AI terminals other than mobile phones, embrace mobile phones or admit themselves as “accessories” status is not a shameful thing.

On the contrary, overly radical reforms and “independence” will only make immature hardware a laughing stock, and Ai Pin is one of them.

Even when Dan Siroker announced the $99 Limitless (approximately RMB 716), he did not forget to mock the $699 Ai Pin.

Limitless learned these lessons and was designed for very specific usage scenarios.

In the future, Limitless, which complies with the HIPAA Act (Compulsory Portable Health Insurance Act), can become a doctor’s right-hand assistant, focusing 100% on the consultation process. At the end of the doctor-patient dialogue, the condition summary and medical record recommendations have been generated simultaneously. Through data recording in the cloud, the details of each patient’s consultation can also be viewed in real time in the future.

This is Limitless, an AI tool that focuses on sound. It is neither complete nor comprehensive, and may even overturn after it is officially launched in August. However, in terms of functions and price, Limitless is still a new product that is easier to meet psychological expectations.

In addition to its own functional significance, Limitless also provides certain reference for current and future AI smart terminals:

Don’t shout “replacing mobile phones” right from the start. It’s impractical and annoying, not to mention the high probability that it won’t be realized.

It is better to learn from Limitless and run fast in small steps. Taking steps step by step may be a more stable way to grow AI hardware.

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