Renters’ Holiday Events: 15 Ideas for a Lively Apartment Community

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The holidays are here, so it’s time for you to lift your residents’ spirits. There are many ways you can show your residents that you care and create a memorable experience for the holidays and New Year.

We have some great ideas for you if you are in charge of planning events for residents and you’re wondering how to come up with fresh event ideas that won’t seem stale or overdone. Check out these 15 holiday themed resident events to take your event planning and resident experience to the next level!

1. Meditation & Sound Healing Experience

What better time than the holiday stress to promote relaxation and good health? Sound healing classes have gained popularity and are an immersive, interactive way to promote relaxation and healing. The idea involves tuning forks or sound bowls that are chimed to various preset frequency, which is said to have different healing effects. Sound healing can be a fun way to entertain residents who are interested in alternative healing and meditation modalities.

2. Celebrate Resident Friends Day

Holidays are often centered on family and friends. However, for others it can also be a time of loneliness and a reminder that loved ones have passed. A Resident Friends-giving Celebration, which can be catered locally, will give your residents the chance to connect with their neighbors and fill in that void. Simple table arrangements, candles and autumn décor can elevate the mood of a large banquet or table setting.

3. Winter Wonderland Ball

Winter Wonderland Balls are a blast from the past that you haven’t seen since middle school. Decorate your common area or amenity space with winter-themed decor, including lights and snowflakes. You can also add other ice themed elements, such as crystal rock candy, a snowcone machine, or even snow cones. Invite residents and their plus-ones to dress up in formal wear. Include awards for the best dressed, most festive, cutest couple, and best solo look! This event can be elevated to the next level with a red carpet entrance and a professional photographer. Residents will also have a keepsake of this special evening.

4. Photos of Pets with Santa Claus

Residents can take pet photos with Santa to capture sweet (or funny!) memories. Pet Photos with Santa can be a special way for residents to celebrate their furry friends and capture a sweet (or comical!) memory. Your residents can also use the Pet Photos with Santa in their holiday cards.

5. Christmas Cards Decorating Social

A holiday card decorating social is a great way to get residents to explore their creative side. As an added bonus, they will be able to create a unique greeting that they can send to their family and friends for the holidays! A local art or craft supply store is a great place to find a guide to come to your home and lead the activity with your residents.

6. Classes for Christmas Cookie Baking

This fun family event can be planned virtually or on-site! The kids will enjoy decorating gingerbread women and men, while adults can prepare for the holiday baking ahead of time and escape the chaos of the season by hosting a neighborly event.

7. Gingerbread Making Workshop

A Gingerbread House Making Workshop is another great idea for a family-friendly holiday resident event! The event can be hosted virtually or on site. All ages will enjoy the nostalgia and assembling their own cookie house to display or give as a present.

8. Pop-up Winter Fitness Class

Holidays are the perfect time to let nutrition slip. Social fitness classes can help your residents recover from the holiday parties and Thanksgiving feasts. They will burn calories, sweat, and get a good workout. Social fitness classes combine pleasure with fitness. They can include a group exercise class like HIIT, Bootcamp, or Power Yoga. Then, they can be followed by a catered meal, a grab-and go, or a talk from a nutritionist or dietician to kickstart healthy habits.

9. S’mores Social

Residents can make their own s’mores using portable burners under the supervision and guidance of a hostess at an event or in the grilling area. Consider a range of flavors for all the components to ensure that this event will appeal to all tastes. You might choose cinnamon, chocolate or classic graham crackers. Also, white, dark, dairy, or caramel chocolate would be good choices.

10. Spiked Hot Cocoa Bar

A spiked hot chocolate bar will help your residents to up their game when it comes to hot cocoa. This set-up can satisfy all tastes with its selection of milk and dark cocoas, Kahlua, Irish cream, and dairy-free options such as oat, almond, or coconut milk. Do not forget to include a variety of toppings such as red hots and nuts. Also, don’t forget the whipped-cream!

11. Classes and Demonstration of Pie Making

This event would be perfect for a live demonstration or hands-on experience on site. Let your residents make one or two holiday pies using step-by-step instructions and techniques from a local baker.

12. Cider Tasting

You don’t need to go apple picking! Bring apple picking to your building. Apple picking season is in the autumn and continues into winter. Cider tasting is a fun way to bring residents together around a common love of apples and the fall flavors that will celebrate the season, and bring hints of nature and home in your building.

13. DIY Holiday Wreath Making

Residents can create their own holiday wreaths by participating in workshops or DIY classes. The best part about making wreaths is that they can be used as a unique, handmade gift for your residents. This festive and fun event offers a wide range of floral, natural, and festive decor components, as well as strategies to build the foundations for wreath making across all seasons.

14. Holiday Mixology Night

Holiday Mixology Nights and Martini Classes can be easily hosted on-site or virtually in your building. Mixology Nights are a great way to give residents an educational and tasting experience in one. They can learn about the history of cocktails, how to make the best versions at home and taste the cocktails made by a mixologist.

15. Christmas Costume Party

Are you looking for a new twist on an ugly sweater party? Halloween fans will love this second opportunity to dress up as their favourite holiday characters! A Christmas Costume Party offers residents the opportunity to celebrate their creativity and show off their skills in a unique way.

Now that the holiday season is fast approaching, it’s time to plan your next resident event. This will allow you to reflect on the past year and the residents’ experiences at your community. This post is full of ideas that you can use to plan your next resident holiday events.

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