Redis is no longer “open source”

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Redis officially announced today that it will modify the open source agreement-all future versions will use “source-available licenses”.

Specifically, Redis will no longer be distributed under the BSD 3-Clause open source license. Starting from Redis version 7.4, Redis adopts SSPLv1 and RSALv2 dual licenses. Redis source code will be provided free of charge to developers, customers and partners through Redis Community Edition.

SSPL: Server Side Public License

RSAL: Redis Source Available License. The specific licenses of the Redis product family are as follows:

Under the terms of the new license, cloud service providers hosting Redis products will no longer allow free use of Redis source code. For example, cloud service providers can only deliver Redis 7.4 to users after agreeing on licensing terms with Redis, the maintainer of the Redis code.

Redis official said:

In fact, nothing will change for the Redis developer community, who will continue to have a permissive license under the dual license. At the same time, all Redis client libraries responsible for Redis will remain under open source licenses. Redis will continue to support its vast ecosystem of partners, including managed service providers and system integrators, with exclusive access to all future releases, updates and features developed and delivered by Redis through its partner program. There are no changes for existing Redis Enterprise customers. Overall, there are no changes for end users using the open source version of Redis and newer versions of Redis (with a dual license for internal or personal use).

There are also no changes for integration partners building client libraries or other integrations using Redis. Redis is very candid about this move to modify the open source agreement. They admit that Redis is no longer an “open source” project under the OSI definition. But they are still supporters of the open source concept and will continue to maintain open source projects.

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