PIN is not available under Windows system, there are tips to solve it easily

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In Windows systems , PIN codes, as a quick identity verification method, are favored by the majority of users.

However, sometimes we may encounter a system prompt that the PIN is unavailable. How to deal with this?

1. What is PIN?

PIN, the full name is Personal Identification Number, is the abbreviation of personal identification number. In Windows, a PIN is a short numeric password used to unlock a device or authenticate a user. Compared with traditional passwords, PIN codes are simpler and easier to remember, and are suitable for use on mobile devices or touch screen devices.

2. The system prompts that the PIN is not available. How to deal with it?

When the system prompts that the PIN is not available, we can try the following methods to solve the problem:

  1. Reboot the device

Sometimes, a simple reboot can solve some temporary faults. Try restarting your Windows device to see if you can restore the PIN to normal use.

  1. Update Windows system

Make sure your Windows system has been updated to the latest version. Sometimes, glitches in the system may be fixed through updates.

  1. Reset PIN

If restarting and updating the system cannot solve the problem, then we can try to reset the PIN code. In Windows settings, find the account-related options and select Reset PIN. Follow the prompts and reset a new PIN code.

  1. Log in using your Microsoft account password

If the PIN code really cannot be used, we can also choose to log in using a Microsoft account password. Although this is not as convenient as a PIN code, it can at least ensure that we can use the Windows system normally.

  1. Check account settings

Sometimes, the PIN code is not available because of the account settings. We can check the account settings to make sure the use of PIN codes is not disabled.

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