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JmesPath is a query language for analyzing and manipulating JSON data. It allows users to select elements in a JSON document through expressions, similar to what XPath does in XML. JmesPath is designed to be very simple and easy to use, yet very powerful and capable of expressing complex queries.

JmesPath core advantages

  • •  Simplicity : JmesPath provides a concise syntax that makes querying JSON data simple.
  • •  Expressiveness : Ability to express complex queries, including filtering, selection, sorting and aggregation operations.
  • •  Cross-language support : JmesPath is not limited to Python, it is also part of libraries in many other programming languages, including JavaScript, Ruby, Java and Go.
  • •  Extensive integration : JmesPath is widely integrated into various applications and frameworks, such as AWS’s CLI tool, Python’s boto3 library, etc.

Install JmesPath

In Python, JmesPath can be installed via pip:

pip install jmespath

Using JmesPath

The following is a simple example of using JmesPath to query JSON data:

import jmespath
import json

# 假设我们有一段 JSON 格式的字符串
json_str = """
  "users": [
    {"name": "John Doe", "age": 30},
    {"name": "Jane Smith", "age": 25}

# 将 JSON 字符串解析为 Python 字典
data = json.loads(json_str)

# 使用 JmesPath 查询所有用户的姓名
names ="users[].name", data)

print(names)  # 输出: ['John Doe', 'Jane Smith']

In this example, we first imported the library and Python’s libraries. We then defined a JSON-formatted string and used methods to parse it into a Python dictionary. Next, we use the method to query the names of all users. jmespath  json  json.loads 


JmesPath is a powerful tool that provides a flexible and efficient way to process JSON data. Whether in data analysis, automated scripts or interacting with APIs, JmesPath can provide the necessary support. As the JSON format becomes widely used in data exchange, JmesPath will continue to play an important role in helping developers easily process JSON data.

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