How to make your vacation home stand out to potential guests

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You must market your vacation rental home to guests once you have decided to do so.

You may find that there are dozens of home owners who want to make the same move in your area.

How can you make stand out amongst the rest?

How to make your vacation home stand out to potential guests

Prepare your property for renters

Make any necessary repairs to your property. You may need to do small repairs like filling in tiny cracks on the driveway, or patching and painting nail holes on the walls. You may need to fix large appliances like refrigerators that hum loudly instead of quietly humming.

Add a wooden fence or flowerbeds to the outside of your property instead of a chain-link fence.

List your website on Listing Sites

Many vacation rental websites allow you to reach out to a global audience of renters.

In order to reach as many people as possible, it is ideal to list your property in every website you can.

Investigate your competition. Look at the websites of existing vacation rental properties in your area to see what they offer, how popular they are and how their headlines are written.

You should pay attention to what the headline emphasizes, such as the amenities provided by the property or the distance from landmarks. Put in the headline that you are in New York, and your property is only five minutes away from Times Square. If your property is far from popular attractions, you should emphasize the quality of it.

Take high-quality photos of both the inside and outside of your home. These photos will be compared by your potential guests to determine the level of professionalism and quality of the owner. Poor photos will turn them away.

Create a YouTube Channel

Create a few short videos about the property, and upload them to your YouTube channel.

These videos can include a tour through the interior. One video can be a tour of interior. Another, a tour exterior. You can record people enjoying themselves – playing catch on the back deck, or relaxing while hamburgers are being cooked on the barbecue.

Take photos of nearby restaurants and museums and create a photo-essay to whet your renters’ appetites.

Advertise locally

You should always rent out your house through a website that offers vacation rentals. These websites create profiles for both renters and those renting out their property. They handle all the payment details.

Advertising locally is important. You may find that locals who live near a venue in a big city would be interested in staying at your house for a few days or weeks.

Flyers should be placed in public and business locations. (Ask permission first!) Include photos, a brief description, some words about the location of the property, and your contact information. On these flyers, never include the address of the home. Give the URL of the marketplace site to anyone who calls. If they are registered, ask for their screen name, so that you can check any reviews they may have left as renters.

Communication with the Fundraising Organizers

You can get your property some publicity by offering a free one-week stay as a prize in a fundraiser auction. The committee will then share the information about your rental property through their marketing channels.

Research the charitable organizations that exist in your area — such as the Lions Club or Rotarians — and submit your proposal to them.

Communication with Businesses

Many companies like to reward their staff for outstanding work. You can negotiate with HR departments of different businesses to have them pay for your stay for a week, a day or even for a whole month.

Contact your local Chamber of Commerce to communicate with these companies.

Create a property website where you share details of the plan with other businesses.

Create a newsletter

It’s vital to stay in touch with your guests once you have received them.

Ask for each guest’s email address. Tell them that you would like to send a newsletter with information about all the venues and events in the city.

It is possible that people will return to a city to watch a certain play, an exhibit on tour at a museum or a specific game.

This information will not take much time. You can easily gather this information by looking through the local newspaper’s activities section, typing up any interesting articles, converting the document to PDF format, then attaching it to an email and sending it.

Go the Extra Mile

Positive reviews on vacation home websites from guests are very important. Positive word-of-mouth is just as important, if it’s not even more, than any other factor.

They share their stories on Twitter and Facebook, and talk with their friends. They tell others about their positive or negative experiences renting a house through a website.

The people you talk to may want to experience the trip for themselves, and they might contact you right away — or will at least keep you in mind for future trips.

You is what will make you property stand out amongst all your competitors.

Do not hesitate to be there when your tenants arrive. You can share with them your favorite restaurants, museums and other things to do.

Do not just give them the information verbally. Type it up so they can refer to it when necessary.

Stock your home with fresh flowers and a few vases of chocolates for guests.

These little touches will make your guests want to come back and recommend you to their friends.

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