DottedDict, a special dictionary type python library

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DottedDict library overview?

  • DottedDict is a Python library that allows users to access values ​​in nested dictionaries through dot notation, similar to object access methods in JavaScript.

Install and use DottedDict

# 使用pip来安装 DottedDict 库:

pip install dotted-dict
  • Then import the library in Python and use:

Example of basic usage of DottedDict

  • The following is a simple example that demonstrates how to use DottedDict to access and operate nested dictionaries:
from dotted_dict import DottedDict

# 创建一个嵌套字典
nested_dict = {
    'person': {
        'name': 'Alice',
        'age': 30,
        'address': {
            'city': 'New York',
            'zip': '10001'
    'company': {
        'name': 'ABC Inc.',
        'location': 'San Francisco'

# 将字典转换为 DottedDict 对象
dotted_dict = DottedDict(nested_dict)

# 访问嵌套字典中的值
print(  # 输出: Alice
print(  # 输出: New York

# 修改嵌套字典中的值 = 'Bob' = 100

# 添加新的键值对 = 'John Doe'

# 打印修改后的嵌套字典
  • Through the above example, you can see how to use DottedDict to easily access, modify and add key-value pairs in nested dictionaries, making the operation more concise and intuitive

Basic usage

  1. Convert a nested dictionary via DottedDict into an object accessible using dot notation.
  2. Values ​​in nested dictionaries can be easily accessed and manipulated.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  1. Simplified the way to access nested dictionaries, making the code more readable.
  2. Convenient to search and modify dictionary values.


  1. May cause code to become complex when dealing with large nested dictionaries.
  2. It may make the code depend on third-party libraries, increasing dependence on libraries.

Main application scenarios

Configuration file analysis:

  • Conveniently access and modify parameters in configuration files.

JSON data processing:

  • Simplify access and manipulation of nested JSON data structures. Data processing and transformation: facilitate processing of complex data structures, improving code readability and ease of use.


  • DottedDict provides a simple and powerful method to handle nested dictionaries, improving code readability and ease of use, and is suitable for a variety of data processing scenarios.
  • By using DottedDict, developers can more easily handle complex nested dictionary structures, improving code maintainability and ease of use.

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