Curb Appeal Game Ups for Your Residents

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No secret exists that a clean curb appeal can have a significant impact on a community’s reputation. Residents will share their satisfaction and displeasure through online review. These reviews are powerful enough to attract or repel prospective residents. A beautiful and clean apartment community will not only attract more residents, but also keep them for longer.

Residents who are satisfied with their community will be more likely to renew, to leave positive reviews, and to refer prospective residents to the community. These elements enhance a community’s reputation online and its overall brand. If a community’s appearance is untidy, residents may look elsewhere or express their frustrations through a negative review. Trash and pet waste are some of the most common complaints about curb appeal.

Data from the latest Multifamily Pet Policy and Amenities survey, conducted by PetScreening & J. Turner Research reveals that 84% of respondents consider pet waste to be their number one concern. Pet waste is the number one pet concern. These findings show how important it is to collect pet waste.

It is important to every individual who enters a property, from residents and associates to visitors and potential customers. The property must be attractive and well maintained. With an increasing number of pets and residents, maintaining curb appeal is a difficult task for operators.

If a third party vendor is not already involved, onsite staff and maintenance teams will be tasked to clean up the community. This can have a domino-effect if onsite teams take on the responsibility. The community is overrun with cleaning and they have little time to deal with leasing, maintenance and resident needs. Residents will eventually notice the decline in their satisfaction.

Operators are using technology and third-party vendors in order to improve curb appeal and create cleaner and more attractive communities. The key to success in the long term is taking an active approach. Some companies, for example, use DNA testing to reduce the amount of pet waste that is not collected, hold pet owners responsible, and promote a culture of responsible dog ownership. Many of the over 7,000 communities that use DNA testing have reported a 95% reduction in pet waste.

Renters today are as digitally savvy as they are environmentally aware. Renters care about their homes, appreciate clean communities and will tell the world if they’re happy or unhappy with the community. Operators can not only accommodate and satisfy residents but also improve their digital curb appearance and reputation.

It is important to keep your community clean. There are many factors that can increase resident satisfaction, increase renewal rates, and attract new residents. Curb appeal may only be one part of the equation, but it is a major factor in creating a positive experience for residents and a stronger online presence.

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