Cloudflare has launched another service that allows you to use many large open source AI models for free

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For programmers and friends who have experience in building websites, Cloudflare is probably familiar to everyone. It is a company that provides content distribution network (CDN), Internet security, anti-DDoS (distributed denial of service) and distributed DNS services. American company.

What everyone likes about it is that its well-known generous free package allows some small and medium-sized websites to run at almost zero cost.

Cloudflare offers the following common free services:

  1. DNS management : Cloudflare provides free DNS management services that can help users manage DNS resolution of domain names.

2. CDN : Cloudflare provides a free content delivery network (CDN) service that can accelerate the content delivery of user websites.

3. SSL/HTTPS : Cloudflare can provide free SSL/HTTPScertificates for users’ websites to ensure the security of website access.

4. DDoS protection : Cloudflare’s free service includes basic DDoS attack protection functions, which can help users’ websites resist some common DDoS attacks.

5. Analysis report : Cloudflare provides free website analysis reports, which can help users understand website visits.

6. Toolkit : Cloudflare provides some free developer tools, such as Cloudflare Workers, Cloudflare Tunnel, etc.

7. Cache Optimization : Cloudflare’s free service includes basic cache optimization features that can speed up website response times.

When open source large models began to interoperate, it promptly provided a training ground for free use of open source large models, allowing more people to have access to these latest AI models and lowering the threshold for use. Next, let us Let’s take a look.

The page consists of three parts:

  1. Configuration area on the left: you can select large model types, system messages and tokens
  2. The right side is the main area. Each User is a new conversation. Enter text in the Enter a message input box and click the Run button in the lower right corner to start the conversation; you can also click Add a message to create a new conversation.
  3. In addition to the Run button in the lower right corner, there is also a Clear button to clear all conversations.

This playground provides fewer open source large models than LLSYS. There are currently 30 in total (but LLSYS does not only provide open source large models🤔).

As you can see, it contains the recently popular Llama-3. We can play with it:

Here I asked a classic question of a chicken and a rabbit in the same cage. llama-3’s answer has relatively weak support for Chinese (especially if the Chinese answer is not specified, the default answer is English), and Chinese and English are mixed together. But the answer is correct: there are 6 chickens and 4 rabbits.

Let’s ask gemma-7b again:

Good guys, have 4 more been taken to the pot?

Try the domestic Qianwen large model again ( qwen1.5-14b-chat-awqthe model is selected here):

correct answer! , or the large domestic model is more suitable for babies with Chinese physiques😂.

If you are interested, hurry up and try it👉👉 Cloudflare AI training ground

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