7 Questions That You Must Answer Before Investing In A Vacation Rental

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Renting out a vacation home that you only use a few times a year can earn you extra money. Many vacationers prefer to stay at a house than a hotel.

It is possible due to the availability of a number of online rental marketplaces, such as Flipkey.com (click here to add your property for free to HomeAway – only pay when you receive a booking.) , and Airbnb.com. These sites allow the average person to make money from travelers, competing with businesses like hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts.

Some vacation home owners decide to rent their property out as a side business, while others turn it into a lucrative full-time venture. They purchase a vacation property near a popular destination, like Disney World in Orlando or Disneyland in Anaheim. The sole purpose of this is to generate income, not to actually use the property.

If you’re wondering, “Should you invest in a condo or vacation home?” then here are a few things to consider.

7 Questions That You Must Answer Before Investing In A Vacation Rental

Can you legally rent your property out to vacationers?

You should always do some research before you decide to buy a house as an investment. It is important to look at several different locations in order to find a home or condo that will not only be in a desirable area to attract potential tenants, but that you can also use.

You should check the local zoning laws in each area you are considering. Some local governments do not allow strangers to rent out a home. There may be a homeowner association that does not allow this.

Can you afford to pay the monthly installments?

You may not be able pay for the whole cost in one go if you buy a vacation house as an investment. Mortgage payments will be made monthly. You may have to wait a while before your property is rented out regularly. Can you afford the payments up until then?

Will you be able afford to pay the taxes?

Your investment property will be subject to two types of tax.

First, there is the tax and fee charged by the local, state and federal governments. Your property is likely to be located in a very desirable area, so the taxes are going to be high.

You’ll probably use the rental income to pay for these taxes. But can you afford them while you wait for a potential tenant pool to form?

Second, you will have to pay tax on your rental income. Your financial advisor can tell you if the income will place you in a higher bracket if everything goes according to plan.

Can You Afford Insurance?

Everyone who owns a house needs to have homeowner’s coverage, and that includes those who rent their home out. This insurance must include liability in the event that someone is injured on your property.

You’ll have to speak with several insurance agents to determine if they offer the type of coverage you are looking for and what the rates would be.

Are you able to afford maintenance and repairs?

You will need to hire someone who can mow your lawns in the summer, and shovel snow and remove ice quickly during winter. Regular maintenance should be performed on the heating and air-conditioning units, and a plan should be in place for any plumbing issues.

The higher the price of the house or condo, the greater the cost of maintenance.

Should you join forces with others?

You may be wondering if, after you have done the research and decided to proceed with your project, you should consider partnering with friends or family to help you afford it.

It’s important to treat your partnership with someone you know as a business. Create an LLC or another entity.

Make sure that your lawyer drafts very clear contracts. Do not rely on a simple verbal agreement or “handshake”.

Even if you are close to your family and friends, doing business together can bring a number of stressors that can strain even the closest relationships.

To ensure everyone is aware of their role in any situation, it’s best to document everything thoroughly.

You can see that a great deal of research is done before purchasing a rental property as an investment.

You need to be organized and analytical when you are searching for the ideal property.

After you’ve done all your research and decided on the property you want, you still have one more choice to consider!

Should you hire someone to manage your property?

You need to decide if you want to use a management company for your property, regardless of whether you live in the city or state where your investment property is located.

They will deduct a percentage of your income.

They will take care of everything and relieve you from a lot stress!

According to your agreement, they will advertise your property locally and on various websites. They will look for potential renters and handle any insurance claims.

Interview a few property management companies before you choose the right one for you.

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