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The U.S. Air Force showcases its first AI fighter jet with high profile! The minister personally conducted the test drive without interfering during the whole process, and 100,000 lines of code were tested for 21 times.

Recently, the military circle has been overwhelmed by the news: US military fighter jets can now complete fully automatic air combat using AI. Yes, just [more…]

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Stanford University’s latest report: The number of basic AI models in the United States is five times that of China

On April 17, Li Feifei’s team at Stanford University’s Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (AI) Institute (HAI) recently released the “2024 Artificial Intelligence Index Report.” This report [more…]

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New Windows patent approved: Avoid embarrassing information exposure when sharing screen and strengthen privacy protection

Today, as digital communication becomes increasingly frequent, screen sharing has become an indispensable part of our daily work and life. Whether it is online meetings, [more…]

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Windows XP x86 breaks through the 4G memory limit: a new exploration of optimizing the performance of modern hardware

With the rapid development of science and technology, the performance of modern computer hardware is becoming increasingly powerful, and the increase in memory capacity is [more…]

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Development tools

AutoCAD installation failed: The target directory contains a different version of AutoCAD. Please specify a different directory.

When installing a new AutoCAD version on your computer, you sometimes encounter a problem where the target directory already contains another version of AutoCAD. This [more…]